Professional Open Source Systems for Scientists

LabKey Software builds free, open source systems to help scientists collect, analyze, and share data from high-throughput experiments and clinical trials. We are a for-profit partnership, based in Seattle, affiliated with and partially owned by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

We are the primary developers of CPAS, the Computational Portal and Analysis System. CPAS is an extensible, web-based science portal in use now at FHCRC, managing terabytes of proteomics and virology data. It is available as free, installable software. We earn money through consulting engagements extending and customizing CPAS to work for your lab, integrating it with your existing systems.

CPAS is portable, modular, open source software, written in Java, released under terms of the Apache Software License. By making CPAS freely available via open source, we spread the cost over many labs, saving you money. You only pay for software that is custom-built to solve your specific problem. The rest of the system, paid for by other clients, you get for free.