LabKey brings proven commercial software design and development experience to bear on the computing problems that scientists face. Prior to LabKey, we worked together for 12 years in lead technical roles at Microsoft, Westside, and BEA Systems. Our expertise is computer science. We collaborate with biologists, immunologists, and bioinformaticists to build systems to process high volumes of complex biological data. If the quality of your computing systems materially affects your lab's success, we can help.

Matthew Bellew

Matthew Bellew began his career at Microsoft leading the team that developed QJet, the query processor for Microsoft Access. He migrated QJet into SQL-Server and later led the SQL-Server languages team. In 1999 he co-founded Westside with Mark Igra and George Snelling, where he served as CTO and lead developer. When BEA Systems purchased Westside in 2001, Matt became Director, Development on BEA WebLogic Workshop. He joined the Hutch in 2003 working for Martin McIntosh, where he built the STEDI MS2 analysis and viewing engine. Matt graduated from Harvard in 1989.

Josh Eckels

Josh Eckels is experienced in security-related projects, client-side end user applications, and server-side development. Prior to joining LabKey, Josh worked most recently on Amazon.com's data warehouse, developing the software that schedules and executes loading and querying of more than 30 terabytes of data. Before that, he was the team lead for the debugger for BEA System's WebLogic Workshop. At LabKey, he focuses on mass spectrometry, experimental annotations, and general infrastructure. Josh has a BS in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.

Peter Hussey

Peter Hussey first worked at IBM from 1983 to 1987 in technical sales. He joined Microsoft in 1989 where he led the program management team on the first two Microsoft-developed releases of SQL Server. Peter joined Westside as a partner in 1999, where he designed the security and data access layers of the Westside platform. He joined BEA after Westside was acquired as Director Product Management, WebLogic Workshop. Peter's primary expertise lies in architecting efficient, scalable use of relational databases from application programs. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics from Dartmouth and an MBA from Harvard.

Mark Igra

Mark Igra led the development of EndNote version 1.0 in 1988, which remains the leading citation management tool more than 16 years later. He joined Microsoft in 1989 where he was Lead Designer on Visual Basic 1.0, Visual Basic for Applications, COM Automation, and Excel. With George Snelling and Matt Bellew, Mark founded Westside where he was the lead software designer. After BEA acquired Westside, Mark became Director of Program Management for BEA WebLogic Workshop, a software development tool which won a variety of industry awards. Mark joined Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in September 2003 where he has been working on a software platform for the Cancer Center's early detection initiative. He graduated in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Brendan MacLean

Brendan MacLean joined Microsoft in 1991 as a tester. By 1994, he was leading 20 developers on DevStudio, Microsoft's shared development environment. When the Internet hit Brendan moved to MSN where he led the development of CarPoint, one of Microsoft's first large-scale web applications. He joined Westside in 1999 as a partner and Development Manager. There he led the team that built the Westside platform, a web-database server that has run non-stop in production for over 4 years. When BEA acquired Westside Brendan became Director Development Management for BEA's WebLogic Workshop. He joined the Hutch in 2004 where he has built the mass spec data processing pipeline. Throughout all his development management rolls, Brendan always finds time to contribute challenging, high-performance code. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1990.

Tamra Myers

Tamra Myers began her software career on the Microsoft Access team as a programmer/writer, and leading contributor of object-oriented verse. She joined Westside in 1999 as application developer and documentation manager. After BEA acquired Westside, she managed the WebLogic Workshop documentation team. Tamra joined her old friends at Labkey in November 2005, where she writes the CPAS product documentation and develops the collaboration features. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in cellular and molecular biology.

Britt Piehler

Britt Piehler joined Westside in 1999, where he earned his stripes as the company's most junior developer. After Westside was acquired by BEA Systems in 2002, he became the lead developer and manager of the Weblogic Workshop source editor team. Britt moved on to Amazon.com in 2004, where he learned the joys and sorrows of very large databases as a team lead in the company's Data Warehouse. He joined LabKey in August, 2005, where he now serves as Development Manager. Britt holds a BA from Carleton College, where he double-majored in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Adam Rauch

Adam Rauch joined Microsoft in 1989 as a Program Manager, leading the design and development of the first two versions of Visual Basic. He was Group Program Manager for NetMeeting, Microsoft's Internet conferencing client, and Passport, Microsoft's distributed Internet authentication system. Adam joined the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2003 where he developed a repository and analysis system for all tandem mass spectrometry data at the Hutch. Adam holds a BS in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

Nick Shulman

Nick Shulman joined Microsoft in 1995, where he was a developer on the Microsoft Access team for 4 years. He joined Westside at the beginning of 2000, as a developer, and stayed on through the acquisition by BEA. He left BEA in early 2005, but quickly rejoined old friends at LabKey. Nick's focus is flow cytometry and putting things inside themselves. Nick holds a bachelor's degree in Physics and Math from the University of Toronto.

George Snelling

George Snelling joined Microsoft in 1992 as a software designer for Microsoft Access. He held various design and management roles at Microsoft including Group Program Manager, Office. With Matt Bellew and Mark Igra he co-founded Westside in 1999, chaired by Paul Maritz, where he was CEO. After BEA acquired Westside he served as Director, Product Management, WebLogic Workshop. At LabKey George handles all things business. He holds BS degrees in computer science and economics from Duke and an MBA from Stanford. (home page)

  Extended Team

In addition to the people listed here, LabKey draws on a large network of trusted professional colleagues, all of whom we have worked with for years, skilled in development, testing, project management, documentation, graphics design, network operations, and training. All are available for reference.